u-LOCATE+ Pipe & Cable Locator

  • $ 1,76600

Trust, but verify. Scan an area for utilities before you dig.

u-LOCATE+ is a dual frequency locator, with 33 and 82 kHz active frequencies, 512 Hz sonde, passive mode, depth, and a 1W transmitter. 

u-LOCATE allows you to quickly and accurately locate underground utilities, helping prevent costly damages, utility strikes, and service outages.

  • Robust locator, designed for all types of weather and environments
  • Easy to use, right when you need it
  • Left/right arrows and audio signals help guide you towards the buried utility
  • Discriminates between utilities and other buried materials – locate the utility you want
  • Depth estimation at the press of a button
  • Minimize downtime with online training videos and support